Welcome to Homes With Friends!

Home With Friends is a great way for you to support Homes First with a little help from your friends!

‘Home with Friends’  is a dinner party that you can invite your friends to attend. Instead of bringing wine, beer, or flowers your friends can make a donation to Homes First. 

Please make sure you have emailed/and are in contact with Maria-Felix at Homes First mariaf.baldelomar@homesfirst.on.ca 

Follow these steps to a Home With Friends success!

1.    Pick a date for your dinner party. 

2.    Let Maria-Felix know your date and then continue to Step 3

3.     At the top right-hand side of this page, you will see "SIGNUP" – click it

4.    On this page Choose to sign up with your email or facebook (I recommend email)

  • Choose "Team Registration"
  • Enter your contact info
  • Say you are not a robot unless you are a robot
  • Click "Register"

 5.    You will receive an email – make sure to check your other folders (I.E.: I found the email in the “Promotions” folder in Gmail)

  • This email will show you the URL to log-in/Your username/Password.
    Go to the URL and enter the username and password.  

6.    Once logged in, the main page is just a dashboard to show all the donations your friends make to your dinner, on a graph

7.    Now go to “Your Campaign” on the left-hand side.

  • Give your campaign a title
  • Give a message – template message is available if you need one. 
  • There is a space to edit the URL or keep it as your name
  • On the right-hand side of this page, you can upload an image or even a video!
  • Choose the $100 donation suggestion or write in your own suggested amount for your friends. Whatever you feel comfortable with!
  • Click “Save Campaign”
  • So remember – your URL to share with people. 

8.    You can then view the front-end of your page by clicking on the top right green square “View Your Page”

When you ask someone to donate to your dinner – this is what they will see.

9.    Start inviting people to dinner and share your URL! Maria-Felix will contact you about your host kit and tips/tricks to having a dinner party!