Welcome to Homes With Friends!

Home With Friends is an alternative to Homes For Dinner and it's taking place all year for the same great cause!

Those who want to celebrate with only their friends can host a ‘Home with Friends’ dinner party. Think of it like running for a cure but with wine, pasta and ten good friends instead of having to put your running gear on! Brought to you again by Homes First.

Please make sure you have emailed/and are in contact with Forough at forough.shafiee@homesfirst.on.ca

Follow these steps to a Home With Friends success!

1.    Pick a date for your dinner party. 

2.    Let Forough know your date and then continue to Step 3

3.     At the top right-hand side of this page, you will see "SIGNUP" – click it

4.    On this page

  • Choose to sign up with your email or facebook (I recommend email)

  • Choose "Team Registration"

  • Enter your contact info

  • Say you are not a robot unless you are a robot

  • Click "Register"

 5.    You will receive an email – make sure to check your other folders (I.E.: I found the email in the “Promotions” folder in Gmail)

This email will show you the URL to log-in/Your username/Password.
Go to the URL and enter the username and password.  

6.    Once logged in, the main page is just a dashboard to show all the donations your friends make to your dinner, on a graph

7.    Now go to “Your Campaign” on the left hand side.

  • Give your campaign a title

  • Give a message – template message is available if you need one.

  • There is a space to edit the url or keep it as your name

  • On the right hand side of this page, you can upload an image or even a video!

  • Choose the $100 donation suggestion or write in your own suggested amount for your friends. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

  • Click “Save Campaign”

  • So remember – your URL to share with people is below but it will have your name at the end instead of "Forough"


8.    You can then view the front-end of your page by clicking on the top right green square “View Your Page”

So when you ask someone to donate to your dinner – this is what they will see.

9.    Start inviting people to dinner and share your URL! Forough will contact you about your host kit and tips/tricks to having a dinner party!