Frequently Asked Questions

Donation Aid is an online tool designed to help raise funds for many worthy causes.  Donation Aid assists with your fund raising by allowing  you to create an unlimited amount of Donation Campaigns, sell products and tickets, and create Pledge-A-Thon fundraisers. Learn More…

Donation Aid Raises money for all sorts of charities and not for profit organizations. As long as you are not violating any local or international laws, Donation Aid is there to help.

At Donation Aid security is job one. Our security is designed to exceed industry standards and regulations. To protect you further we do not store Credit Card information.  (It all gets passed securely to your payment processor).

We are all about getting your money into your hands of our customers as quickly as possible. All donated money is deposited directly into your account with your existing payment gateway.

We currently integrate with the following payment processors. 

Donation Aid payment processors

We are happy to recommend one of our current processors based on your needs. We are also open to integrating with most major processors APIs for a modest fee.

At Donation Aid we do not believe in monthly fees or hidden service charges. We charge 5% per online transaction. For offline transactions we charge $0.25 per transaction.

Not a chance. The money goes directly to your payment processor, and we will bill you on the first of the following month for your transactions.

Sure thing, all you need to do is log into the system, enter their information and their receipt/Tax receipt will be on it's way!

When you set up your campaign, you will be able to upload a custom header and footer for your tax receipts. Make sure you are following all of your local laws. Please see the following for more information on tax laws:


Absolutely not.  You would simply be issuing a regular receipt as opposed to a tax receipt. Nothing else would change.

Yes. Donation Aid does not automatically translate your campings into different languages, however you are welcome to create campaigns in just about any language you wish with our easy to use language management.

Donation Aid keeps logs of all donations and purchases. You will also be able to set a Campaign Manager for each of your Donation Aid Campaigns, who will receive an email notification and a copy of every receipt.

Set-up fees are entirely up to you!  Donation Aid is really easy to use and set and use. You can do it yourself! However if you prefer not to do it yourself or if you are looking for a more sophistacated custom design, we can do it for you.

Our setup/design rate fee is $100/hour. A typical setup or custom design is usually only 1 - 3 hours.  

Donation Aid is is very easy to use, however if you require training we can set that up. Our training sessions are held online and are billed at $100/hour. They can be recorded and you can have as many people as you like attend.

Sure thing! As long as your payment processor accepts their currency.

Yes. Donation Aid is responsive, meaning it will adapt to phone and table screens automatically. 

Donation Aid does not need a mobile app. It is designed to be responsive, meaning it will adapt to phone and table screens automatically. 

Donation Aid is built to only display donor information with their permission.

Donation Aid has the built in capability for monthly giving. All you need to do is select it as an option when you set up your campaign.

Since Donation Aid is used in so many jurisdictions around the world, we are unable to provide specific tax modules. We suggest pricing your products with the tax included. Please consult your accountant for your local taxation rules.

You know  the number one reason people give to charity? Most people donate because somebody asked them to.

Communication is the key to making sure your campaign is successful. Donation Aid provides each campaign with a custom unique link (URL).  Make sure to link to the page from your website, promote it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

All transaction information is saved in Donation Aid. You are able to export it to  a .CSV file. Along with the donor transaction information you will also capture the donor name, mailing address and email address.

Each of your Donation Aid campaigns keeps it’s own statistics!

Absolutely! Donation Aid has a built in Share Bar that will allow any visitor to your page to help spread the word about your important cause.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Donation Aid is wholly owned and operated by c-Seven Media Inc. c-Seven has been around since 1998. For more information please visit