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The Cherry Trees Band
(Team Aqua) 

As Canadians, we are fortunate to be among the top four countries with unlimited access to fresh, clean drinkable water. Sadly, 3.5 million people pass away annually from ingesting unclean water. To combat this issue, Team Aqua started a campaign that directly donates to the Water for Life Initiative developed by GAiN.  

Team Aqua's Water For Life Initiative
More than 30 Toronto business leaders and accomplished musicians have connected to stand behind the Water for Life Initiative hosted by the Global Aid Network. Our talented group is has now released "Aqua" the second studio record album by The Cherry Trees Band.  Aqua is now on iTunes, Spotify, and most other on-line music distribution sites. 100 percent of proceeds from both "Change The World" and "Aqua", from corporate donations and from our music event are donated to the Water for Life Initiative. Also, join the Cherry Trees Band for their album release event on December 3, 2018 at Hughs Room, Toronto's world famous music venue. We are proud to have raised $42,500 from our first initiative in 2015. Support us in 2018 as we strive to fund 10 water wells and supply 10,000 people with fresh clean water!

How It Works... 
$8,500 drills one well and provides water for 1000 people for up to 25 years.
Our goal is to drill at least ten wells, for a total goal of $85,000.

"Imagine that in buying the album or donating $10, you provide clean water to one person in need for 25 years." -Stephen Mallory, Project Lead 

I'd like to help! What Are My Options?
       1. You can donate directly on this website: donations $25 and over receive a tax receipt
2. You can like, share and invite your friends to like our Facebook page
        3. You can purchase The Cherry Trees Band album "Change The World", and their new album "Aqua", which comes out Spring 2018, from iTunes or CD Baby

The Cherry Trees Band's new album, out Spring 2018!

Take a look at our Music Video featuring our song "300 Feet." 


Join us at Hugh's Room for our Fundrasing Event!
December 3rd, 2018 



We are very honoured to be invited as guests on the
November 10th Drew Marshall Show.
A widely listened to and streamed radio program focussing on spiritual matters.
We’ll be playing five acoustic songs from our new album, and we will be interviewed to discuss the work we are doing in support of the Global Aid Network.

To stream this show, go to Drew Marshall show, click on “Listen Live”, then follow the instructions requiring you to: Click on the (i) icon within the Address Bar, then Go down to the Flash entry and change “Ask (Default)” to “Always Allow on this site”.


As Featured in the Globe and Mail (2018)

The Globe and Mail



Team Aqua`s Past Campaigns

Our Past Campaign 'Change The World' Proved to be a Success!

Our 'Change The World' campaign raised $42,500, building 5 wells.
That's enough fresh water for 5000 people!

Our 'Change The World' Record Album
(Recorded in 2015)


Our Past 'Change The World' Sponsors
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Our Previous 'Change The World' Features in the Media

As featured in the Globe and Mail (2015)

The Globe and Mail


As featured on the David Peckle Live: Face2Face Podcast (2015)


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